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The Hotel Le Mont Barral in Châtillon-en-Diois, ideally located in the Vercors

An ideal base from which you can explore the Vercors Regional Natural Park, our hotel proposes the opportunity to discover the treasures around Châtillon-en-Diois, a picturesque village in the Drôme.
Labeled the most beautiful village in France and botanical village, it exudes a thousand and one scents from its narrow sloping cobbled streets, flowery facades, arched passages and pretty fountains decorated with numerous species and varieties of plants.
Surrounded by vineyards and dominated by high cliffs, its natural environment still remains wild and preserved. From the hotel, many hikes offer great discoveries: the Tête de Praorzel with exceptional views of Trièves and Mont Aiguille, the impressive Sapet waterfall or the Archiane circus which is home to a large colony of bearded vultures.
A true paradise for nature lovers, the Diois is home to numerous protected plant species including 75 orchids and a very varied fauna: chamois, ibex, deer, roe deer, mouflon, marmot, grouse, mountain eared owl, Tengmalm owl, muscardin, eagle royal, peregrine falcon, wolf, mountain hare… and the Bearded Bearded Bear u that they will be able to come across during beautiful walks or bike rides or even during climbing sessions.

The Pays Diois is also recognized for its exceptional territory and its delicious regional products. Among them, the sparkling Clairette de Die, of course, the capital of the Diois with a prestigious historical past which conceals numerous architectural gems, such as its Porte Saint-Marcel and its ramparts, its Notre-Dame cathedral or even the Tour de Purgnon and the Moulin de l’Aube

Do not hesitate to ask us, we will be happy to advise you on the discovery of our beautiful region and can also offer you additional services: accompanied hikes, visit to a goat farm, vineyard visit, tasting of local wines …

Discover the Vercors

image Fauna and flora of the Diois

Fauna and flora of the Diois

Exceptional for the beauty of its landscapes, you'll be able to admire most of the sub-alpine species, including chamois, marmots, grouse, mountain birds, Tengmalm's owl, muscardin, golden eagle, peregrine falcon, wolf, mountain hare... and the Bearded vulture!
The stag's bellow is both the hoarse cry of the stag and the rutting season (listen to it from mid-September to mid-October).

image Walks around the hotel

Walks around the hotel

We also offer a range of outdoor services:

- guided walks
- visit to a goat farm
- wine tasting and vineyard visits...

From the hotel, a magnificent waterfall is waiting to be discovered.
A few minutes away is the Cirque d'Archiane, home to a large colony of Bearded Vultures.

image Geology of the southern Vercors massif

Geology of the southern Vercors massif

The Vercors is made up of a variety of limestone rocks formed during long phases of sedimentation around 100 million years ago. Its marine origin is attested by the presence of numerous fossils, so keep your eyes peeled!

The interior of the massif is made up of wooded plateaux and lush green valleys for magnificent walks. The sheer cliffs that surround it make it a veritable natural limestone citadel, with numerous via-ferrata and climbing routes.

Mont-Barral entre Trièves et Diois

Mont Barral sous la neige